Sadrab tends to work with all stakeholders to structure a promising business alliance and contribution that works for all parties.


Sadrab enjoys the cooperations with small start-ups and businesses as well as big companies and corporations in order to develop fields of operations and build partnership with ventures to explore emerging opportunities inside the areas of mutual interests and values.


In natural resource realm, we assist our partners/clients to evaluate and utilize water and energy sources and technologies to achieve the best production and economic objectives.


With the aim to establish and supports the economically viable businesses and projects based upon sustainable natural resource management, utilization and conservation.


We will contribute to the society to support and develop green economy, An economy which utilizes environmental-friendly technologies and renewable  resources. 







Sadrab considers a proposal, as a business when at first, it is legally organized with production and marketing components that benefits the society and natural environment, then, to be operated and managed to generate revenues


As our commitment to sustainability, we evaluate technology options, business opportunities and financing alternatives based on EAST method (Environment, Accounting, Social, Technology).


We try diligently to minimize the risks and maximize returns on investments for all of our clients. We ensure that the benefits radiate from these businesses will endow further value to the society and environment.


طراحی سایت طراحی سایت طراحی سایت طراحی سایت

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