Sadrab Sanat, an EPC Contractor in the field of water and wastewater treatment has been established in 2001 with the vision of being the leader EPC contractor in Water and Energy sector.


Sadrab Sanat has gained valuable experiences and high level of expertise in variety of water and wastewater business activities based on its young, talented, motivated and scholar engineers.


Sadrab Sanat has managed to offer the most comprehensive, cost effective and reliable treatment systems for water reuse in variety of industrial, rural and municipal applications.


Sadrab Sanat has operated more than 42 projects in the last 17 years, performing design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of water and wastewater treatment plants, network pipe lines, pump stations, telemetering and Scada systems.


Sadrab Sanat is characterized to engage in engineering, procurement and construction turnkey projects. We offer the whole A to Z range of services from basic design to handover of EPC projects to the clients. Joint cooperation with well-known European companies such as BIOWORKS enables us to obtain their approval on our engineering documents.







Sadrab Sanat founders, Mr. Saeed Ravaghi the CEO and Mr. Amirreza Soofinejad the chairman of the board are graduates of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering of Iran University of Science and Technology.


After ten years of professional work in water and wastewater treatment plants, they raised and established a new company called Sadrab Sanat in 2001.


Since then Sadrab Sanat is honored applying the expertise of its 42 specialists at the main office in Tehran and more than 150 employees at different sites nationwide.

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