Endeavoring in environmental friendly industry, as its area of expertise SADRAB seeks to enhance participation in green emerging Enterprises, with Active Contribution into the process of Global sustainable development through Effective involvement in the field of Clean Water and Energy systems.







Taking an executive approach towards the development of sustainable water and energy systems, whether individually focused on or in combination with each other, empowered by Technological future foresight and Eco Friendly portfolio of business adventures, SADRAB will facilitate transpire and transfer of green techs to IRAN and other apt countries inside Middle East region.







We work to provide solutions and materials to expedite planning, financing, marketing, operations, and any regulatory issues , whether the opportunity involves a new product or service or diversification/expansion of an existing venture in the field of  sustainable Water and Energy systems. we also work through the build/equip stage and operational start up. To establish the economically viable businesses with the appropriate management, designed and planned to support conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. Some of our newly set goals are listed below:







1) Enhancement of our projects and line of businesses involved with Renewable energy systems 


2) Designation and pursuit of ideally optimized water systems in compliance with global energy efficiency policy


3) Positioning as a major coordinator inside the supply chain of water and Renewable power systems in Iran and potential foreign markets 


4) Extending alliance and agreements with the IRANIAN key role players, in the field of renewable Energy e.g. Governmental and private sectors 


5) pursue the Opportunities of collaboration with the domestic and foreign investors in sustainable development projects 


6) Seek to promote facilitation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the field of water and renewable energy in IRAN


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