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Energy Saving in Kangavar WWTP
sadrabsanat1 12 June 2023
The project of waste water treatment plant for Kangavar city was offered for tender in 2012 and by...
Parand New Town WWPT
sadrabsanat1 12 November 2019
Tehran, the Capital of Iran with population of more than 12 million people is listed as one of the...
Anzali Wetland Rehabilitation1
sadrabsanat1 12 November 2019
The combination of land and sea ecosystems are led to appearing habitats called wetlands. According...
Small Human Communities WWPT
sadrabsanat1 06 July 2015
Karaj river and its attractive path(Chaloos or Kandovan Road or Road 59) is known to be one of the...
First BOT Power Plant Rudeshur
sadrabsanat1 05 July 2015
In accordance with developing Article 44 of Iran's Constitution law and with the support of ministr...
Water Hamer Standardization
sadrabsanat1 04 July 2015
Water Hammer is caused by the closing of a shut-off valve on a high pressure water supply. It usual...
Production of Alumina from Nepheline Syenite
sadrabsanat1 01 February 2015
The severe need to consume Aluminum as a strategic metal has led the acquisition of annual producti...
Lavan Oil Refinery Industrial  WWTP
sadrabsanat1 01 February 2015
In 2009, considering special conditions of Iran and pressure due to several sanctions and embargoes...






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