Energy Sector



Since Iranian energy policy makers have designed and offered attractive renewable power purchase agreement in order to reduce carbon footprint and help the RE installation capacity rise, the private-sector investors are stepping in rapidly, and a newborn supply chain specially in B2B level is growing dramatically fast. A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which is a contract between two parties, one who generates electricity by renewable sources (the generator) and one who purchases electricity (the government of Iran) for a period of twenty years is a long-term guaranty in volumes and prices that meet the needs of investors. It provides revenue and cash flow certainty and thus enhances project bankability. Those companies and industries that tend to mitigate their environmental carbon footprint and participate in RE development in Iran could rely on a PPA to sustain the risks related to this endeavor. this revenue stability helps investors to finance their new projects.




Hybrid power projects could increase synergies among multiple generation sources. Hybrid power plants apply different sources of power generation to empower the positive aspects and attenuate the negative functions of a specific generation source. wind and solar energy and their complementary generation in combination, when solar is available during the day and wind seems more available at nigh, may result in the green power generation which is affordable, reliable, and sustainable. We know that each project is unique, and the solution that responds best for a specific situation is dependent on various factors.


Therefore we are trained to deliver tailor made solutions for each and any requirements. 

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