We ensure to deliver Technological products and services transfer red with Standard Certificates/Guarantees of Origin, approved by certain globally acclaimed and well-known Renewable Energy/Environmental protection organizations/Institutions.



Our water and renewable energy solutions are comprised of combination of one or more renewable generation technologies. Knowing that solar is nowadays cost competitive with wind, towards future, wind and solar are expected to become the largest generation sources of renewable energy. We consider the Water and Energy industry and business ecosystem with a focus on competitive, clean energy solutions, including cutting edge technological projects.



SADRAB as a group of highly trained and agile engineers provides a platform for the growth of innovative ideas, which works best in response to the climate threats and geographical concerns of Iran and middle east region. We provide a vast choices of services, including planning and engineering, supply and Procurement, installation and commissioning, then in continue, we support you with operation and maintenance services for all water and energy systems. 


Mission-based services performed by our technical experts, dedicated to reliable operations and economical costs.


Since Sustainability is an integral portion of our work values. Here are given Some of Our contributions with diligence to facilitate provisions of the followings for our customers/clients or partners:


1. Improving the operational energy efficiency, including reducing the carbon  footprint of the operations in water and energy systems with  green technologies.


2. Expanding cooperation and commitments with business partners/clients   on environmental issues recruiting innovative solutions.


3. Supply of main equipment, installation and maintenance tools, periodic system testing and checkups, performance inspection devises and efficiency enhancement tools for the renewable energy market of Iran and middle east region.


4. Providing Consultation and solution for Energy consumption and efficiency, for Industrial or residential applications using tools like, Heat exchange systems, HVAC consumption optimizations, building management system (BMS), Energy-Smart Building Systems (ESBS), Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV), solar thermal/electrical back ups, waste heat recovery.


5. Renewable energy plant performance monitoring, HSE consultations, Quality Auditory for installation and maintenance procedures in both residential and industrial applications.


6. Coordination with standard certificate representatives for renewable energy systems in Iran.


7. Arranging and holding workshops and training courses in collaboration and conjunction with active partners/universities or institutes.


8. Participation and/or sponsorship of fairs, conferences and seminars in the field of Renewable Energy.

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