Scope of Business



Our Areas of interests are mainly comprised of, but not limited to the following, so please don’t hesitate to contact with us whenever you find something in common:




1) Water treatment, desalination and filtration with overall solutions like, EPC contracts, supply chain management and technology transfers Water System Development, Project Management, Efficiency Assessments, quality control and assurance, so on



2) Renewable energy, Photovoltaic systems, CSP systems, Solar Thermal, Wind Power technology, landfill, sewage and Biomass Power and gas generation



3) Biomass Value-Added Processing and Bioproducts, Biomass Densification, Bio-Refinery and Trans-esterification , Biofuels



4) Optimization of Irrigation network systems and Conservation Agriculture



5) Integrated Resource Management, Integrated Technology Management, Technology Acquisition and Implementation for development of water and energy systems



6) Green village designation and construction, solar portable power generators, portable sludge digestion system, Solar water pumps, Rapid Rural Appraisals, Community Outreach, Rural employment enhancement applying local crafts job creation.


7) Energy Consumption assessment, energy Inspections, Auditory and management for governmental/commercial/residentialbuildings and industrial plants




8) Academic and Industry Research supports, Training courses, seminars and workshops on green and renewable technology



9) Technical Executive Services, delivered by an expert team in order to accomplish any task related to water and energy systems. 



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