Energy Saving in Kangavar WWTP





The project of waste water treatment plant for Kangavar city was offered for tender in 2012 and by presentation of an alternative project in which the value of aeration with high efficiency and some modern technologies were used in clarifiers, screening unit, and grit chambers etc, Sadrab Sanat Company succeeded to win the tender, 15billion Rials lower than reserve price for this project.


After concluding the contract and delivery of the land site for project, this company promptly equipped the workshop and started the execution operation and despite of financial limitations of project in engineering phases, continued execution of construction operation and purchase engineering.


In February 2014, Sadrab Sanat Company succeeded to receive international certificates from European Association for Green Management (EAGM) and Energy Globe National Award from International Energy Agency (IEA) because of taking green approaches and environmental concerns and making effort toward improvement of parameters of sustainable development and also due to 35% reduction in consumption of energy and cost of exploitation from strategic phase of treatment plant compared to other projects with similar capacities and these certificates were conferred to this company in the conference hall at Tehran Milad Tower simultaneously with election of Dr. Ebtekar as the Lady of Environmental Protection by wolfang Neumann the Austrian engineer and environmentalist and founder of energy globe foundation.


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