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Lavan Oil Refinery Industrial WWTP


   In 2009, considering special conditions of Iran and pressure due to several sanctions and embargoes imposed by western countries and considering ever-increasing consumption of gasoline that had exceeded from 55million liter per day.




   So government decided to develop and construct four refinery units in Isfahan, Tabriz, Bandar Abbas, and Lavan so that through completion of these projects, daily capacity of producing gasoline would be over the 70million liter in Iran per day and by considering 65-66million liter daily consumption of gasoline inside the country it was for the first time that Iran could achieve self-sufficiency in producing gasoline and the surplus capacity for exportation.





   Through with execution of this important national project despite f hard conditions resulted from sanctions, Sadrab Sanat Company has been proud of localizing part of Electromechanical equipment's and supplying other equipment's of lavan oil refinery industrial waste water treatment plant from the best vendor suppliers and executing the project with acceptable quality in years named national product, supporting Iranian labor and investment and in hard years of sanction, sadrab sanat company successfully fulfilled its contractual obligations in connection with this important national project.





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