First BOT Power Plant Rudeshur


   In accordance with developing Article 44 of Iran's Constitution law and with the support of ministry of energy in 2001, the primary studies were started for construction of Rudeshur Power Plant in order to provide the national requirements for electricity, aiming to sell the electric power in nationwide electrical network as the first power plant built through investment of EES (European Energy Systems: a consortium of collaborating companies) private sector thorough BOT (build-operate-transfer)method performed by Mahtaab Gostar


   Considering location of construction site of this project, which is located 44km from Tehran- Saveh Highway in the shallow water zone of Rudeshur River and considering type of BOT contract in which time period directly affects, supplying the water was considered as a priority to provide the various consumption requirement during the construction operation.


   EES, The project general contractor, selected a qualified contractor by holding tender to supply water on due time observing an intensive schedule.



   Sadrab Sanat Company as the first Subcontractor in execution of the project started cooperation with this consortium in construction of the first power plant, built by private sector in this country and without any omission in implementation of the given schedule, completed the assigned duties at minimum possible period of time , supplying water for  drinking and industrial consuming purposes in this site and finally this company was honored to receive appreciation letter for implementation of this project with high quality according to time schedule determined by the consortium of foreign contractors (European Energy Sys).


   Today, generation of more than 2000 MW electricity in national power network is deemed as one of the honors of the investing company in private sector for Rudeshur Power Plant and also for Sadrab Sanat Company.








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