Water Hamer Standardization



   Water Hammer is caused by the closing of a shut-off valve on a high pressure water supply. It usually occurs when a shut-off valve closes quickly, which causes a shock wave to reverberate in the water pipe, sometimes throughout the whole water system. It can usually be heard as one or more ‘thumps’ in the pipe work immediately following the closing of the valve.


CanWater Hammer Cause Damage?


   Yes, the shock wave caused when Water Hammer occurs can eventually cause damage in the system. It may cause a burst at any weak point in the pipe work or at a joint, and it can also cause damage to the inlet valves on washing machines, dishwashers, thermostatic showers etc. Likely Causes of Water Hammer Quick shut-off valves, as fitted to washing machines, dishwashers, thermostatic shower valves and other electricity controlled water operated appliances. Float operated inlet valves fitted in cisterns and other installations incorporating a water storage tank can suffer from certain symptoms of Water Hammer, particularly noisy vibrations.



   In order to develope quality system of performing duties in the state, deputy of water and wastewater from ministry of Energy prepared and codified some standards for execution of development projects.


   In this sense, with respect to technical and executive backgrounds of Sadrab Sanat Company regarding design and manufacture of water hammer surge tank, the process of preparation and codification of "Instruction for selection and design of water hammer control equipments in urban Water Supply, No. 517" was assigned to this company on 21/04/2009 so that:




   The result of efforts made by experts and designers of Sadrab Sanat Company is publication  of Journal No. 517 and this instruction was notified by vice-presidency for strategic planning and supervision on 27th of January 2010 and it has been executable and binding by executive bodies, consulting engineers, and contractors since the aforesaid date.


   Sadrab Sanat Engineering Company is proud of Water Hammer Publication.


   Respective documents and deeds of notification of this circular in also presented as follows:


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