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   Tehran, the Capital of Iran with population of more than 12 million people is listed as one of the most crowded cities in the world.


   In the last two decades due to population growth and city extension, air pollution and traffic have been the reason of main problems and this matter caused government experts to think for solutions to this problem and finally in 2011 one of these proposals was approved witch noted


   "The Transmission of Administrative Capital and 18 Ministries with the Subsidiary Departments" which by that means a lot of government staff and customers along with its traffic would move from Tehran.


   With this vision the primary studies for the new location began and finally the newly established city of Parand in the distance of 30 Km from south west Tehran was chosen for its Unique Strategic Location with accessibility to the main highways of Qom and Saveh cities and proximity with Imam Khomeini international airport (IKA) and also constructing Tehran to Parand underground Metro line. 


   In the first phase of transferring the ministries 400 ha of land was reserved for the transfer. The first priority for the ministry of urban development in the 10th government was to quickly build and perform the foundation of the city.



   There for the construction of Parand waste water treatment plant was put to tender in the year of 2012. because of the importance of the project in order to speed things up a joint venture of Civil & Electromechanical companies worked beside each other as one. 



   Sadrab Sanat company has had the honor to win the tender between some of Iranians leading company's and considering the importance of the projects execution time schedule and emphasis of consulting engineers at Rayab company in all stages, Sadrab Sanat showed its determination in performing accurately with the best quality.





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