Production of Alumina from Nepheline Syenite





   The severe need to consume Aluminum as a strategic metal has led the acquisition of annual production of one million tons Aluminum ingot to be at the top priority in fourth national economic development plan in Iran


   In this regard the import of Aluminum powder from abroad was inevitable, and uncertainty in world equations has been studied with respect to embargoes on related issues and outlook of powerful countries to world economic transactions as well as the subject of entrepreneurship and employment and investment inside the country and also independent production by means of domestic resources and supply so the approach taken by decision-makers in the field of national industry and mines, was this point that due to scarce bauxite supply in this country they should think about an alternative appropriate mineral instead of this material.


   In this course, the primary studies were started since 1983 and following to exploration of Nepheline Syenite mineral with very high tonnage in northwestern area of Iran at Azarshahr zone, the complementary and feasibility and initial studies were started for construction of a factory in Iran by the aid of VAMI Russian Institute for exploitation from Nepheline Syenite in Razgah region in 1992. 


   Since 1993, beside given studies about construction of major factory for production of alumina from nepheline syenite and in order to perform technological experiments and examination of mineral samples of nepheline syenite as well as optimization of alumina production process, constructing of semi-industrial pilot unit in Azarshahr region at Eastern Azerbaijan Province was approved.


   In 2001 contract of, the project of execution operation was concluded with "Russian National Aluminum-Magnesium Institute" (VAMI) for construction of research and semi-industrial unit in Azarshahr.


   Following to execution of this project, and by virtue of occurrence of many problems in purchase and transfer of know-how from the foreign contractor in early years, execution of this project required double efforts and endeavors by Iranian engineers so that in this regard Sadrab Sanat Company succeeded to complete this project by cooperation with the company of design and execution of industrial process in water related unit for nepheline pilot plant and it is honored to be shared even with little role in fully acquisition of practical and technical knowledge for production of alumina with high quality in Aluminum industry. 


   Today, nominal capacity of main modeled unit in primary pilot plant could achieve monthly constant production of 22.5tons alumina and other downstream byproduct in the main plant is bomite, which is considered as one of the basic needs for production of catalyst for refinement of gasoline and other oil derivatives in national refineries at time of sanctions and embargoes on our country.




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