Lake Urmia Rehabilitation


   After president Rohani got elected in order to fulfill his promises he took action for his words and ordered the establishment of a working group in Iran's chamber of energy and agriculture for Urmia Lakes disastrous problem by the management of Eesa Kalantari as he was the minister of agriculture for 12 years in  past governments. 


   On the sidelines of this meeting kalantari stated:


   Water is a reproducible element but unfortunately we have behaved in such manner that the compensation of our water reserves has converted to a twisted matter.


   Kalantari also revealed: according to international standards every country has the liberty of using only 40% of its total water resources but despite that fact in Iran this figure reaches to 80% and also in some provinces reports indicate  over 100% usage.


   Kalantari then declared: constructing dams regardless of the rivers water reserve capacity have caused the destruction of plain fields and near cities have gone soulless without any location for water supplying.


   In order to resolve Urmia Lakes problem some solutions were suggested in the meeting by specialists in this field and Sadrab Sanat as one of the experts by studying deeper on methods of rehabilitating the lake came with an execution plan for one of the solutions by enhancing effluent quality of wastewater treatment plants and redirecting it back to the water cycle and Urmia Lakes source in order to increase the lakes water volume and hopefully through time manage to rehabilitate Urmia Lake.


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