Sustainable Cooperation Conference IRAN-AUSTRIA


   On 18th October 2016, in Austria-Vienna, the prize giving and appreciation ceremony of Energy Globe National Award regarding green approaches among Iranian organizations and projects with the presence of some political and scientific figures took place.

   The ceremony was inaugurated with participation of some Iranian and Austrian officials. Dr.molayi (Iran’s ambassador in Austria) and Dr. Alireza Daemi (The Deputy Minister of Energy for Planning and Economic Affairs) from Iranian side and also from Austrian part the Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Energy and the President of Global Energy Foundation and the President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce were asked to attend the Austrian Federal Economic Chambers Home (WKO).

   During this meeting some speeches were given by Iranian and Austrian lecturers on sustainable energy and global smart cities, green buildings and green approaches such as less sludge production, energy saving and high efficiency in WWTP and finally the least carbon production in wastewater treatment plants.

   In the ceremony some Iranian firms which they had adopted green approaches through their projects and were scored by the European Association for Green Management (EAGM) and Global Energy Foundation, were appreciated and they received a commendation letter and award. Sadrab Sanat Company as the only representative of the private sector of Iran’s water and wastewater industry is honored to be received the Energy Globe National Award and Certificate of Excellence because of adopting green approaches regarding Waste Water Treatment Plants.



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