Energy Globe Awards Tehran-2016

   In the impressive conference center of the Milad Tower, on 18th January 2016, the 16th Energy Globe World Awards have been given to Tehran Sewage Project as the largest wastewater treatment plant in the Middle East. This ceremony took place with the presence of Dr. Hamid Chitchian, the Energy Minister of Iran and the Vice President Mrs. Ebtekar and Wolfgang Neumann the President of the ENERGY GLOBE Foundation. In this ceremony, SWCEA an innovative NGO from United Republic of Tanzania and Tehran Sewage Company from Islamic Republic of Iran were honored to be received the Energy Globe World Award in the category Water.

   The largest wastewater treatment plant in the Middle East is being constructed by Tehran Sewage Company. Four modules out of 8, had been implemented before and are currently in operation. The implemented units are capable of producing 43 GWh of electrical energy and 149 TJ of thermal energy yearly.

   After the completion of this project, it will be able to provide 200 GWh of electrical energy and 700 TJ of thermal energy per year, also during this project the largest wastewater transmission tunnel with the length of 27km has been built by this company for the first time through the country. The treated water is utilized to improve aquifers near Tehran.

   Some of the many advantages of this project include Sustainable Energy, environmental protection and aquifers recovery.


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