Iran Water and Wastewater Engineering Congress





Considering the fact that during the last twenty years, only a very few meetings and conferences on the topic of water and wastewater, had been held by the National Water and Wastewater Engineering Co. and some universities, which is hopelessly inadequate, in addition because of the lack of a particular event which is consistent and capable of interchange of the ideas between researchers and experts in the water and wastewater field, therefore Iran water and wastewater association that is affiliated with Iran Scientific associations, as the first step has decided to hold an annual congress with the presence of some researchers, experts and private sector in water works, which is called "Iran Water and Wastewater Engineering Congress".

The first Iran Water and Wastewater Engineering Congress will take place on January 14th and 15th February 2017 at the University of Tehran and the main topics of the congress include:

  • · The main concern of potable water supplying, treatment methods and distribution networks.
  • · The main concern of wastewater collection systems, pump stations, treatment and recycling
  • · Introduction and presentation of unconventional methods for Gray water, Rainy water, Brackish water and harvesting water.
  • · New technologies and patents through the whole water and wastewater industry.
  • · Upgrading and optimization and development of the projects, considering the future demands


  • · Planning and development of the financial and human resources






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