Iran-Germany Waste Management Initiative

   Iran is a large country with about 80 million population, possessing vast source of gas, oil and minerals and also so many other natural resources, Iran is one of the most interesting markets in the middle east, following resolving the trade sanction with Iran, Mr.Gabriel deputy of the prime minister and economic minister of Germany traveled to Iran  and eight commercial agreement have been signed by both side officials, which one of the most important of them is environmental cooperation. Following the agreements between the highest authorities of Iran & Germany the first meeting regarding waste management will be held on 25th, Feb 2017.

   This meeting will take place at the department of environment with the participation of Iranian and German officials, and also Iranian and German organizations and companies. The main discussion topics of this meeting will include:

        Municipal solid waste

        Oil & gas & petrochemical waste

        Medical waste

        Waste to energy


   Aiming familiarization of waste management market to German companies and recognition of Iranian companies requirment and also possibility of making contracts and bilateral cooperation between the both countries.

   Other events of this meeting would be:

        B2B meetings

        Visiting tours from the gas and industrial sites and municipal waste management

        Work shop


   As it was mentioned, this meeting is fully supported by formal German & Iranian authorities, and also some of the German companies will attend in this meeting.




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