The 1st International Conference of Climate Change

Global warming implies that climatic condition pattern in global scale has been changed over the last decades. Future climate change and associated impacts will be different from region to region around the globe, Anticipated effects include warming global temperature, rising sea levels, changing precipitation, and expansion of deserts in the subtropics. Warming is expected to be greater over land than over the oceans and greatest in the Arctic, with the melting of glaciers. Other likely changes include more frequent extreme weather events including heat waves, droughts, heavy rainfall with floods, heavy snowfall and species extinctions due to sudden temperature fluctuations.

Considering this challenge WMO has decided to hold World Meteorological Day Since 1961, this year's theme is, 'Hotter, drier, wetter. Face the Future,' and it is chosen to illustrate the reality of climate change.

Regarding this event the 1st international conference of climate change will be held on 27th and 28th February 2017 in Tehran, under the slogan “Climate change, water management, and save the earth”


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