The 8nd joint meeting of Iran and Germany

   The 8nd joint meeting of Iran and Germany was held on 26th February, 2017 in Tehran with the participation of officials from the National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company of Iran and Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) Province.

   During this meeting Hamid Reza Janbaz, NWWCE’s Managing Director and Chairman of the board said that we’ve had a decent cooperation with Germany in the Iran’s water and wastewater industry for long time and out of the exchange of researches and technologies during these joint meetings, the Iranian experts are able to access to the newest technologies in water and wastewater sector and some of the technologies are being used in the projects by Iranian companies.

   He also said that the attracting of investment and capital sources are considered as the first priority of the water and wastewater sector and considering to our experiences in a series of major contracts at the international level with the private sector we are interested to cooperation with the German investors and companies. He also mentioned that after lifting economic sanctions there is a golden opportunity for experts in the water and wastewater field on both sides in order to present the current framework conditions of the Iranian water sector and development of bilateral relations.

   From other side the vice economy minister of (NRW) Province was invited to attend and he made a speech and after the appreciation of energy ministry officials He mentioned that the (NRW) Province has 200 year history in coal mines and steel industries and because of some challenges which were related to water resources and wastewater management we have achieved to substantial progresses in the field of water and wastewater technologies. He said that Iran and Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) Province have hold several joint meetings since 1994, and majority of them were related to the water works and renewable energies he also mentioned that the Iranian people should be proud of their ancient Civilization and skillful use of engineering in water management around 4000 years ago. For instance Shooshtar hydraulic system is known as the first dam bridge in Iran enabling fish farming, transport, defense system, which belongs to the 5th century B.C

   Also the German ambassador attended the meeting and made a short speech .He said that water crisis has become a major global problem and the water shortage should be considered as a serious problem which it has substantial impact on sustainable development, the global peace and security, etc.



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