The National Water Day's Ceremony in ICCIMA

On 1th March 2017, a ceremony to mark the occasion of the national water day was held in the Iran chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mine and Agriculture And a message from the director of the division of water science UNESCO, Ms.Blanca Jimez Cineros was read. In this message which was broadcasted by the webcast, Ms.Blanca Jimez Cineros said that Water shortage and the decline of the water resources are the major obstacle in the way of the preserve of water resources.

She also mentioned because of the water shortage problem the countries of the world have decided to investment on water recycling and reserve.

She also said the World Water Day ceremony will be held within the next week and this day has been allocated for sustainable management of water resources by authorities. This year’s theme is Wastewater. She mentioned that this event will be staged to exchange scientific achievements about preserving and sustainable management water resources. This event helps to the countries to rich to sustainable development goals (SDG)’s on water and sanitation.

SDG 6 contains six targets on outcomes across the entire water cycle, and two targets on the means of implementing the outcome targets:

Targets 6.1 and 6.2 build on the UN (Millennium Development Goals) (MDGs) targets on drinking water and basic sanitation, providing continuity while expanding their scope and refining definitions.

Targets 6.3 to 6.6 address the broader water context that was not explicitly included in the MDG framework, but whose importance was acknowledged at the Rio+20 Conference, such as water quality and wastewater management, water scarcity and use efficiency, integrated water resources management, and the protection and restoration of water-related ecosystems.

Targets 6.a and 6.b acknowledges the importance of an enabling environment, addressing the means of implementation and aiming for international cooperation, capacity-building and the participation of local communities in water and sanitation management.


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