Perfection is all we desire


Sadrab Sanat by inspiring from Irannian's unique

civilization and knowledge attempt to maintain

Irannian's ancient engineering culture ...

Our true mission is to continue and last forever in

this way.

This mission for us is to think outside the

box and going bigger.





   We have fulfilled more than 39 Projects in 19 province during the past 15 years in the field of Pipe line, Pump Station, Telecontrol & SCADA System, Design Manufacturing Installation and Commissioning of Water & Waste water treatment plants enabling us to turn ground water, surface water or waste water into quality of water you need.


   We are committed to provide the highest level of quality and service.


   Sadrab Sanat Company specializes in Development, Engineering, Procurement and Construction large variety of water and waste water treatment plant. Our companies  technologies are supported by multinational cooperation of R&D centers based in Iran and Europe.






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The BIOWORKS® process enables our clients to achieve high quality discharge permits with low capital investment costs and minimal long term operating and maintenances expenses



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