Engineering and Supervision Services

In Sadrab Sanat, our design team consists of industry professionals who are all experienced in delivering water and wastewater treatment activities.

The team covers a full spectrum of engineering disciplines, including process engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering & construction, instrument & control system engineering, to ensure all deliverables of a project can be accomplished at once.

During the execution of projects, all engineering decisions, judgments and recommendations are supported by scientific data and calculations.

The plant is modeled using CAD software, and piloting of the plant is usually undertaken before procurement and construction of the main plan commences.

Our team is equipped with the latest tools and technologies for process simulation, SCADA controlling system, CAD and BIM modeling, piping stress analysis, finite elements design of steel, steel-concrete structures, etc.

The engineering department is also involved in project design, project preparation, technical execution support, project development studies, research and training programs, feasibility studies, engineering management and design supervision, GIS and Surveying, implementation of standard procedures and guidelines, etc.