Sadrab Sanat’s future objectives:To establish the economically viable businesses with the appropriate management, designed and planned to support conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. Some of our newly set goals are listed below:

  •  Preserving the leading position in Iranian economy through the continuous development and expanding our activities to new and relevant areas.   
  •  Accessing to international markets and maintain this position and establishing international market network
  •  Facing all the market circumstances and challenges easily by elevating the provided services
  •  Constantly improving the organizational efficiency
  •  Expanding the rate of new customers as well as strengthen our relationship with our present ones.
  •  Responding satisfactorily all our clients and customers requirements and ensuring the noncompromising quality of our services and products.
  •  seeking cutting
  •  edge technologies and providing permanent educational programs to train our employees at different levels of organization
  •  motivating and encouraging employees to make them understand the vision of the company better and are able to execute more strongly and understand how they fit into the big picture, as our principal values, and also promoting creative thinking, innovations and teamwork.
  •  Developing interactions and deepening long term relationships with clients.
  •  Reinforcing the sense and spirit of Sadrab Sanat as a lasting union of its employees and clients.
  •  Optimizing company’s profits whereas develop better services to the clients.
  •  Providing integrated acquisition, processing, interpretation services, next day available to the client.
  •  Providing new services enabled by new investments
  •  Enhancing our projects and line of businesses involved with Renewable energy systems
  • Selecting and pursuing ideally optimized water systems in compliance with global energy efficiency policy
  • Positioning as a major coordinator among the supply chain of water and Renewable power systems in Iran and potential foreign markets
  •  Extending alliance and agreements with the Iranian key role players, in the field of renewable Energy e.g. Governmental and private sectors
  •  pursuing the Opportunities of collaboration with the domestic and foreign investors in sustainable development projects

Seek to promote facilitation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the field of water and renewable energy in Iran