Sadrab Sanat Company is an Iranian EPC Contractor in the field of water and wastewater treatment. We define feasibility studies, large scale design, engineering, procurement and construction of water and waste water treatment facilities as our chief business alongside renewable energy, with the vision of being the leader of EPC contractor in these two sectors.

After ten years of professional cooperation with the large scale EPC contractor companies in water and wastewater treatment plant sector as the project managers, the founders raised and established Sadrab Sanat company in 2001, since then, Sadrab Sanat has applied the expertise of its 45 specialists at the main office in Tehran and more than 150 employees at different sites nationwide.

Obtaining many International Standard certificates during 20 years of our activity demonstrates the fact that all our products and services meet the expectations of customers.

All closely cooperating companies are associated with Sadrab Sanat framework and their sales and manufacturing quality are certified in the Quality Control System according to the standards of ISO9001:2009 and ISO 10006:2003, 10002: 2004 and they follow the corporate quality policy. Having Joint cooperation with well-known European companies such as BIOWORKS enables us to obtain their approval on our engineering documents.

In sphere of the company’s development, we cooperate with academic institutions and universities such as Iran University of Science and Technology.

We have been chosen by many local authorities to build water treatment plants and drinking water production units either for industrial, rural or municipal applications.

We believe our success in the past two decades highly associates with:

Our professional standards:

The presented proposals are designed to response all clients’ and customers’ requirements,

Whether technical, architectural or financial.

We meet our commitments whenever we carry out a project.

This is what we call “tailor-made water treatment”.

Our strong points:

Young, talented, motivated, scholar and agile engineers

Possessing extensive experience

Modern and adaptable performances

Excellent prestige and reputation achieved our implementations