Vision and Mission


We have defined the slogan of the Sustainable Development Goal No. 6, established by the United Nations, “To ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”, as the foundation of our activities.

Taking an executive approach toward the development of sustainable water and energy systems, empowered by our knowledge, engineering expertise and technology, Sadrab Sanat is determined to provide a broad range of cutting-edge water-oriented EPC services in Iran, and ultimately facilitate the implementation of such infrastructures in other countries through Middle East, Central Asia (CIS Countries) and North Africa with a competitive cost and quality.

We are obligated to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and achieve the highest returns on investment for our collaborators by handling the challenges and providing the most innovative eco-friendly solutions in the realm of drinking water production and wastewater treatment.



Our main vision is that the water treatment products and services must be affordable and in line with environmental protection.

Endeavoring to be a keen advocate for environmentally-friendly industries, Sadrab Sanat seeks to strengthen participation in green emerging enterprises, with active contribution into the process of global sustainable development through effective involvement in the field of clean water and energy systems.

We thrive to become a globally recognized company and continue our sustainable growth to profit not only the society, but our customers, employees, business partners and shareholders.

In order to achieve these goals, as a EPC contractor, we provide our partners and clients with all of the necessary resources to deliver the most efficient, economical, sustainable and tailor-made solutions.