Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance and Ongoing Support

Commissioning is usually carried out by the design engineers, site personnel, and construction team.

After completion of all projects and during the operation of plant, the company’s personnel will remain on site for a certain amount of time, working closely with site operators to guarantee the plant’s efficiency, until they build up sufficient knowledge to confidently operate the plant on their own.

Sadrab Sanat’s personnel will visit the plant regularly, to ensure the optimization of the plant performance.

If SCADA system is available, the personnel can review the plant performance on daily basis and provide direct advice on plant modifications.

Our ongoing support includes, but not limited to, quality management and assurance, plant performance and process optimization, unscheduled maintenance, repair, annual maintenance contract (AMC), sales of spare parts, chemicals, and consumables, upgrades (e.g., improvement of energy efficiency, etc.), expansions, refurbishment and rehabilitation.