Consulting Services

Besides our EPC one-stop solutions, Sadrab Sanat provides consulting and operational services, such as tender and project management, prequalification, project supervision and monitoring, installation, etc., as a separate service.

Our consulting services help our clients to employ project management and methods to enhance their business performance, and deliver the projects that meet their desired cost, timeline and quality targets.

The deal of experience attained over 20 years in this area enables us to grant effective business development and Business Intelligence (BI) services.

A broad network of consultants, business partners, agents, suppliers, authorities and clients allows Sadrab Sanat to access and analyze valid data and turn them into analytical results, which ultimately yield successful corporate decisions.

Having competitive advantages over other counterparts, this service can also help clients to identify their actual needs and spot the technical issues that require to be addressed in the domain of water and wastewater treatment.